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Bobbie Thomas shows off new fashion and beauty products that have people talking….


Latest out-of-the-box fashion and beauty trends

TODAY’s Bobbie Thomas on the strange, the stylish and the just plain silly

By Bobbie Thomas

TODAY contributor

In this week’s Bobbie’s Buzz it’s all about things that make you go hmm …. From a fungus-filled beverage to rosaries with an unexpected religious element to perfume made from your DNA, TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shares the latest strange but stylish trends from the fashion world that are sure to have everyone talking.

Symbol swap
While rosaries are traditionally associated with Catholicism, one designer is putting her own spin on the symbolic necklace by creating “Jewish Rosaries.” From the Chai Maintenance necklace to an Oy Vey Lucky Charm prayer bracelet, comedian Carlen Altman is adorning everyone from high-profile models like Agyness Deyn to her favorite elderly “models of the week.” Yet Carlen mixes a little sentiment in with her sense of humor. The glow-in-the-dark Olympic Star rosary features a Noah’s Ark connector and a silver-plated star cast from an original pendant owned by her grandmother. ($19-99,

Crawling down the catwalk
Little girls can get a jump start on their strut and be top-models-in-training before they leave the crib! Celebrities like Nicole Richie and Elisabeth Rohm are getting a kick out of their kids with Heelarious’ high-heel crib shoes for babies. Their little girls just might develop a footwear fetish with these silly, soft pumps that are meant to be “her first high heels.” ($35,

Swab scents
That smell is so you. Believe it or not, you can purchase a personalized “biologically seductive” cologne or perfume made from your own DNA. With just a swab of your cheek, My DNA Fragrance claims to custom create a perfume made just for you based on your genetic code’s information. ($120-$135, refills $70-$85,

Bag ladies
Raindrops keep falling on my … purse! They keep falling, ugh. Many women struggle with the split-second dreadful decision to either save their blowout or their bag as they make a mad dash for cover in a downpour. Now, thanks to Rain Couture’s chic covers, you won’t have to. Their raincoats-for-your-totes fold up into a small pouch that will slide into your satchel for your next fashion emergency. ($55-$85,

Fashion flashback
Heat-sensitive hypercolor fashion is back, thanks to brands like Puma ($65; and American Apparel ($35; The color-changing gear that was hot during the ’80s is popping up once more, bringing fun-and-games fashion to a new generation. But on a serious note, SpaFinder is using color-changing technology as a sun-safety awareness tool. In an effort to prevent melanoma, they’ve created photosensitive “I Will Reflect” bracelets, which transform from white to purple when exposed to harmful UV rays ($4.95;

Hollywood’s haute drinks
Tinseltown’s trendsetters are all swearing by Kombucha, a sweetened tea that has been reported to aid in digestion, fight aging and promote weight loss ( Though this famous fungus-enhanced tea drink may not sound glamorous, the Chinese have called it an Immortal Health Elixir, “30 Rock” ‘s Tina Fey raved about it on a late-night talk show, Lindsay Lohan has been photographed with it, and members of the “Grey’s Anatomy” cast drink it. But if that’s not your “cup of tea,” you can always twist, shake and activate with a new beverage that releases a powder boost when you open the cap. Matthew McConaughey, who could be the poster child for the perfect beach body and healthy lifestyle, has been reordering cases of the benefit-enhanced Activate water ($2.30;

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